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To whom it may concern:: I'm such a terrible American.


McKayla Maroney is my favorite of the USA Women’s gymnasts. Her vault during team finals… Dude, that was fucking bomb. But still, I’m not going to lie, I was happy when she got all pouty about getting second after falling on her ass. America gave Vika so much crap when she cried about getting…


borne back ceaselessly into the past.: this might cause some controversy~ but idgaf


so. mckayla’s a favorite for gold. she messes up, doesn’t perform as well as she can, and ends up taking home silver to somewhat of an underdog. this upsets her, and she has stink face on the podium.

sound familiar?

maybe that’s because it’s pretty much the same thing that happened to viktoria…

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Interview with Komova (Translation from her Facebook fan page):

Viktoria Komova, winner of the two silver Olympic medals in Artistic gymnastics, talked to our journalist about judging, team spirit and how hard it is to wait for a final score.

Q: Viktoria, at these Olympics you twice lost the fight for gold to the Americans. Which defeat was the most painful for you – the team competition or the individual all-around?

A: Individual. Because I was on my own there. After the team completion we all supported each other. Ksyusha (Ksenia Afanasyeva), the team captain, said: “We are on the podium! This is so awesome! Last time we didn’t get any medals, and now we’ve got silver!” I was so happy for the team. Especially for Mashka (Maria Paseka): she wanted this medal so badly, went through such a lot for it.

Q: Through what?

A: She had troubles with her heels – dislocations, fracture; several surgeries. These were quite serious injuries, but she is amazing, she endured it all.

Q: Are you forgetting about all your injuries and pains when you go onto the podium?

A: No. For example, my finger hurts all the time. It’s good if I manage to get up in the morning  feeling all right.

Q: What were you thinking while waiting for the last score – the floor score?

A: “Please, let me be the first!” This is the hardest part – to wait for a score. You’re standing and thinking: “Oh my God, when will they show it already?”

I love her nicknames for her teammates: Ksenia as “Ksyusha” and Maria as “Mashka”. Another classy interview. 
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